Massage Works by Tanya
Couples Massage Workshop

  (any 2 people over 18)

Feel closer to the people you love by learning to give and receive great massages

The nurturing, relaxing, and therapeutic benefits of massaging 
your partner:

  • You can produce feelings of caring, comfort, and connection
  • You can reduce anxiety, muscle tension, and pain
  • You can relieve headaches, fibromyalgia, and insomnia related to stress

This 3 hour Couples Massage Workshop is also intended for those who want to learn how to give a great massage to their friends, family, and/or other loved ones

  • Based on easy-to-learn Swedish techniques
  • You will learn how to give massage without getting tired
  • Designed to introduce you to the power of touch and to equip you with the massage skills you need to make the person you love feel relaxed and loved
  • Cost: $150 per couple / any 2 people
  • Each couple will receive a massage from each other
  • All supplies will be provided
  • Good privacy and modesty protecting practices make it easy to relax and enjoy
  • Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for the Workshop
  • Gift certificates for the Workshop are available

Call 936-760-5965 to reserve a place for you and your partner.

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