Massage Works by Tanya


Tanya Kuny, LMT -  Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist, Pain Management, Postural Specialist

“... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” Mark 16:18

I know what its like to have migraines that hurt so bad, you can't lift your head. I can relate to your neck and shoulders hurting so much, you wonder how you can make it through the work day, or your feet and legs throbbing with pain when you're finally able to prop them up at the end of the night.

I've been there, but I no longer have to live with chronic pain. I got free, and now I help others find freedom too.

When I was a child, my working mother, with her aching feet and legs, was my first massage client and my first massage teacher. My brother and I would trade back massages and daydream of someday going to massage school and landing a job on a cruise ship, traveling the world doing massages. Later, when I was an adult, my mother had a accident on the job and slipped into a coma. During the 3 years that she was in a coma, my sister cared for her at home, and we would massage her extremities to prevent muscle atrophy.

After my mother passed away, I took an opportunity to own and run a dairy farm, which turned out to be a painful experience. My feet and legs ached from being on my feet for long hours. Then, I was tossed around by cattle on the farm, which left me with neck and shoulder pain that was almost unbearable. All this was in addition to the migraine headaches I had suffered from since I was 8 years old.

Desperate for relief, I got Chiropractic care and I trained my daughter to massage my feet, legs, and back. Chiropractic care and amateur massage helped some, but then my Chiropractor introduced me to an excellent Licensed Massage Therapist. I discovered that a good Chiropractor plus a good professional Massage Therapist can be a powerful healing combination.

After countless hours of both Chiropractic and Massage Therapy, I am no longer in chronic pain and my migraines are down to maybe one a year. That's why I am a Massage Therapist today.

I trained at ATI for Massage Therapy and at the Erik Dalton Freedom From Pain Institute, where I learned Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT), with advanced certifications in both Upper Body and Lower Body strain patterns. I am also a licensed massage instructor. 

I specialize in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy. Using the principles of MAT, I target the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, allowing structural function to improve, so my clients can realize their full potential for movement. I apply MAT to posture problems, sports massage, deep tissue massage, and pain management.

Helping people recover from chronic pain and get on with their lives is my passion. My goal is that my clients get up from my massage table with freer movement and less pain than when they lay down on it. I enjoy seeing their smiles of relief. I am thankful that my hands can be part of their journeys toward wellness.

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