Massage Works by Tanya
Services and Rates


All massages are customized to your specific needs. For long-lasting relief of chronic neck/back pain, I combine Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT) with a variety of massage techniques, such as deep tissue, myofascial release, sports, and hot stone.

My goals:

  • balancing the head on the neck
  • balancing the neck on the shoulders
  • balancing the shoulder girdle on the rib cage
  • balancing the pelvis on the femurs
  • restoring pain-free movement

This takes time. For my clients to make the most progress with each visit, I have found that two hours is the best session length. 

A 2 hour massage therapy session is $100.


I do 2 types of body wraps.

  • Pain Management - Essential oils are applied to joints, muscles, and spine, then you are wrapped for 25 to 40 minutes while a warming and soothing takes place.
  • Stress Management - A blend of essential oils that aid in stress release is applied to muscles and spine then wrapped.

1 Wrap by itself is $50.00

A wrap can be included in a 2 hour massage therapy session at no additional charge, but must be requested in advance to allow time to prepare the wrap.


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